Fun flight over to Wing Farm and Chilbolton farm strips, shame about the murky weather, but got some good short field landings nailed.

Chilbolton Flying Club was up first (although only a few minutes from Popham) I’ve wanted to land here for a while now. I was way too high on approach and didn’t leave myself enough room to descend, so I did a big side-slip to scrub off the excess height, although the go-around was always an option in my head.

Wing Farm is a great little farm strip, with the owners house right at the end of runway 09! With a tricky approach over tall trees at the start of runway 27, but nothing that a little side slip can’t help once I was over the trees 😁

Thoroughly recommend visiting both airfields, both really friendly places and really well maintained grass strips. As always, be sure to like this video if you do, and subscribe to come fly with me in the next one.