I bought a Kitfox 2… powered by a Rotax 582 engine, originally built in 1991, with a MTOW of 431kg, and it’s approved in the UK as a microlight. It’s keeping me on my toes but it’s fun to fly!!

In this flight I fly the Kitfox over to a small farmstrip called Barton Ashes, where my new hangar is being built. It’s a challenging little strip with a dog-leg runway, tall trees on 3 sides, making it pretty much one-way in and one-way out!

If you thought I bought and flew a Eurofox… you’d be right, but another member of that group unfortunately had a landing accident which left the Eurofox as an insurance write-off in a farmers field, but pilot and passenger didn’t even have a scratch which is the main thing!

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